Tuesday, December 06, 2016

When death cheats...

Amazing way a kitten survived the coming onslaught it wasn't aware. 

There are good samaritans in this world...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Iran, through the eyes of an American

Iran is made evil by the western media to be precise as part of propaganda war but in real it is as it is, like any other country in the world. 

Below is a video appeared in CNN by famous American chef Anthony Bourdain who travelled through Iran and spoke to Iranis only to get surprised totally which was contradicting to what he was taught day in and out in the American side.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Don't get surprised if a terrorist organization is given a Noble Prize

When war is created and the results are already estimated, imagine what happens...propaganda becomes the norm of the day and is considered truth of the world because everyone is hearing it repeatedly. This is what few countries and media are hell bent in making reality on the ground a fiction of the world. 

All the illegal wars have to end for this world to survive or the destruction of planet earth is not far away. Every one is equally responsible, the participant and the non-participant in the show.

The biggest joke which may emerge soon or a little later is giving noble prize to terrorist organizations. After all who selects who gets noble? Nothing much to guess. And the joke continues in real...

An interesting and important video on: 

Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

Watch it to find out more

Israel's never ending puzzle

Explained in short and simple understanding video as to how Israel is provocating Iran and Syria into war with it and how the world powers are mute witness to this Israeli delusion.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) - a great social development initiative

Words will fall short in describing the amazing thing happening in one part of Indian state of Orissa centered in Bhuvaneshwar where Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (known with the acronym KISS) founded by Dr.Achyuta Samanta in 1993 is doing. This school, started by a humble man from tribal background faced tough situations in life while he was a child in even getting one square meal a day due to his economic conditions. He decided he will ensure no one goes through such a phase in life and provided free schooling, food, hostel facilities to children from KG to PG. Watch the video to know how things unfolded about KISS. I admire such an initiative which is changing lives of several people at once and giving hope in life for many who can hardly think of food or schooling for their children.

Every day 50,000 meals are being provided in this school silently in the background. Watch the video below to find out more in how amazing way everything is unfolding at KISS.

One of the REAL HERO's of 21st Century.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

‘Captain of the ship doesn’t jump into water’

Article from : https://www.rt.com/news/365036-assad-leading-syria-media/

Syrian President Bashar Assad called out Western media for vilifying him while at the same time whitewashing terrorists as “freedom fighters” to paint a “black-and-white” picture of the war in Syria, as he pledged to not leave office until his term expires.
Assad spoke on Syria’s and his personal future as the country’s leader at the meeting with US media that took place in Damascus on Monday evening.  
Reflecting on being labeled a “war criminal” by the mainstream media, which attribute the death of thousands of civilians to the Syrian government’s anti-terrorist campaign, he said that the support he still enjoys with the Syrian people after over five years into the conflict does not fit into this narrative.

“Let’s suppose that these allegations are correct and this is a president who is killing his own people and committed crimes, and the ‘free world’ and the West is helping the Syrian people against the bad guy,” Assad said, as cited by the New Yorker, adding that if this was the case, he would have lost all public support a long time ago.

“How can I be president if I am killing my people and my people are against me? This is disconnected from reality,” Assad added. He pointed to a lack of media attention toward the terrorists’ atrocities in Syria, with “no one talking about war crimes” committed by militants fighting against the Syrian Army. 

“The headline is ‘The bad president, the bad guy, is killing the good guys. They [the terrorists] are the freedom fighters,” the Syrian leader said, lamenting what he said was distorted, “black-and-white” media coverage.

Assad said he believes he should serve his seven-year presidential term, which began in 2014 after he claimed a landslide victory securing almost 90 percent of the vote in presidential elections, in full, not to betray the trust of the people who cast ballots for him.

“If you’re the captain of the ship, when you have a storm, you don’t jump in the water. You lead it to shore,” Assad said. 

Assad argued that many of his political opponents who previously opposed the ruling Ba’ath Party have taken his side under the circumstances of wartime as they fear Syria’s statehood might be dismantled and jihadists will take over the country in case his government collapses.
“They [the opposition] learned the value of the state,” the Syrian leader said, as cited by the New York Times, adding that the possibility of descending into chaos “brought them towards us” and “not because they changed their mind politically.” 
While the mainstream Western media was quick to blame Assad for war crimes for what they claimed was indiscriminate bombing campaign in eastern Aleppo, the Syrian president responded by citing international law violations committed by the West such as the Iraq invasion and chaos in Libya, which is still reeling from its civil war and is currently on the brink of economic collapse. 
“We’re not the ones who attacked Iraq without a mandate from the United Nations – it was the United States and Britain and her allies. It wasn’t us who attacked Libya and destroyed the government,” Assad told the New Yorker, adding that Western powers have no right to intervene into the internal affairs of countries if they don’t like the political course their government follows.
“Even if you have the worst government in Libya, it’s not your mission, the United States or any other government, to change the government of foreign countries,” he stressed, adding that that a similar threat is hanging over Syria, as he believes the US in Syria is aimed not on fighting terrorism but rather on ousting the Syrian government.     
“In reality, everything the United States has been doing in Syria, at least since what they call the international alliance against ISIS [Islamic State], is to expand ISIS. The real reason is about toppling the government,” Assad said.
Assad believes that one of the crucial moments for Syria returning back to normal life will be underpinning the secular principles of the state, while simultaneously uprooting ideas of radical Islam that rejects any other worldview.   
“Secular means freedom of religion,” Assad said. “Islamization means ‘I don’t believe in anyone who doesn’t look like me, behaves like me, thinks like me.’”  
Assad also explained that Syrian government has not cut all ties with the West, and carries on a dialogue with some Western countries, including with the US, “through different channels.” However, he stressed that Syria has no intention to turn into “a puppet country,” The New York Times quotes.  

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Russia Destroys Most ISIS - Daesh Heavy Weaponry, U.S. Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons Of Weapons Into Syria for the Terrorists

Complete article can be read here: www.globalresearch.ca  

The joke called, UN Human Rights Council

The UNO should be reorganized as the age old laws governing the functioning of the body are creating more biased conflicts than anything really helpful to most of the member countries. There is nothing really worth talking about UN because it is a mute witness to all the conflicts happening around the world being carried out by its member countries. Apart from the humanitarian crisis in Middle East and the starvations in the whole of African continent and the economic crisis in South American countries driven by motivated countries to destabilize governments and power hungry countries supporting terrorists, what else doesn't come under its purview if all the above are happening under its nose.

The election of Saudi Arabia as the head of UN Human Rights Council is the latest joke in the history of UNO with politics playing major role than anything concerning real human rights.

Saudi Arabia has successful domestic and external human rights violations (the public beheadings, open war in Yemen with irresponsible killing of civilians, funding of terrorists etc) and the money power has yielded richly in making it cover the white dress to cover all their dark acts.

Long live UN. Long live human beings. The world is ruled by the dead.