Thursday, September 01, 2016

Turkey’s dangerous move on Syria

The following editorial from 'The Hindu' proves the precise point in case of Turkey and its madness in the mayhem of Middle East

Turkey’s incursion into Syria has opened a new front in the already complicated Syrian civil war. Turkey and the other regional powers in West Asia, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran, have been active players in the Syrian conflict since 2011, but this is the first time one of them has sent its army into Syria to join combat. Ankara says the move is to fight the Islamic State; within days of rolling its tanks into Syria, Turkey declared that it had cleared the border town of Jarabulus of IS fighters. But there is little doubt that the real target of the Turkish forces are the Kurdish militias. The IS had been active in Jarabulus since 2013, and used the town as a key supply route for men and materials. Over the last few years, Turkey had largely ignored IS activities on the Syrian side of the border. It moved into action only after the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces recaptured Manbij, another town close to the border, from the IS. After taking positions in Manbij, Kurdish rebels had moved towards Jarabulus. If Kurds seize Jarabulus as well, it would allow them unprecedented control over the Syrian-Turkish border region and also cut Turkey off from the last remaining cross-border supply routes. Unsurprisingly, after taking control of Jarabulus, Turkish aircraft and ground troops started attacking Kurdish positions in Manbij, demanding that they retreat to the east of the Euphrates.

Turkey has two concerns. First, if it loses cross-border access to Syria, the Ankara-backed rebels would be in a weaker position in the Syrian civil war, which would in turn jeopardise Turkey’s plans for a future Syria. Second, if Kurdish militias are allowed to further consolidate in the semi-autonomous Syrian Kurdistan, that would pose a direct strategic threat to Turkey, given the Syrian Kurds’ deep ties with their Turkish counterparts who are at war with Ankara. So Turkey wants to rupture the Kurdish momentum. This move, however, marks a dangerous turn of events. Kurds have proved the most effective ground force against the IS. All the major border towns they control, such as Kobane, Tal Abyad and now Manbij, were recaptured from the IS after long and bloody ground battles. In fact, the decline of the IS started with their defeat by Kurds in Kobane. Besides, the Turkish incursion makes the Syrian war more complicated. Given their recent battle history, Kurds won’t give up their position easily. This means that if Turkey persists with its operation, the border towns could witness another spell of war, while making the task of resolving the Syrian conflict more difficult. Unfortunately, Turkey seems less bothered about the chaos in Syria than the growing clout of Kurds.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the most dangerous animal in the world...

It is fact that...Man (human being) is the most dangerous animal in the world today...

Monday, August 22, 2016

A social experiment with a message

It is very much evident from the fact that it is not the people who are interested in fighting in the name of hindu's or muslim's.....the evil is someone else. Best social experiment which speaks the truth of brotherhood between citizens of India

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Save Elephants from extinction

Dear friends,

Every 15 minutes an elephant is brutally slaughtered for its tusks, and at this rate they will be gone forever in just a few years. Momentum is growing for a complete global ban on ivory -- but the European Commission has just come out against it!

The elephant crisis is heartbreaking. In some areas these magnificent, sensitive creatures are so terrified of people they only come out at night, and mourning baby elephants refuse to leave the butchered corpses of their mothers. Now 29 African governments have said if Europe gets its way, it will spell extinction for our elephants, and they need our help.

A key global summit is just around the corner where we could win the total ban we need, and there are signs powerful countries like France and Germany could lead a rebellion against the EU’s elephant death sentence. African governments will deliver our giant call straight into key meetings to build support for the ban -- sign now to keep our elephants safe, and share with everyone you know:

All over the world, iconic species are being driven to the edge of extinction thanks to hunting, poaching and habitat loss. It’s creating a crisis that threatens us all -- scientists are warning that as each species is lost, another strand is pulled out of the web of life. Pull out too many, and the ecosystems we rely on will collapse.

Europe is the world’s biggest exporter of legal ivory, and argues that the best way to tackle the elephant crisis is to crack down hard on the illegal trade, while keeping legal traders operating. But elephant poachers pass off the ivory they sell as legitimate, hiding their crimes behind the legal ivory trade and experts say legalisation could make poaching grow exponentially.

So let's build a global wave of support for our amazing wildlife, and make sure European governments drop this disastrous plan to allow more elephant slaughter. It will be a tragedy like no other if our children and their children only know elephants from books and videos. Add your name and spread the word to save the elephants:

Our global people-powered movement is the best chance our wildlife has to survive and flourish. We’ve helped usher in the end of the ivory trade in Hong Kong, won an EU ban on bee-killing pesticides and campaigned for dozens of protected ocean and forest parks around the world. We even bought a rainforest for orangutans! Now we need to step up for elephants again, and get another global win for wildlife.

With hope and determination,

Bert, Rosa, Rewan, Emma, Spyro, Marie, Danny and the rest of the Avaaz team


African wildlife officials appalled as EU opposes a total ban on ivory trade (The Guardian)

29 African Nations Urge EU to Halt Elephant Slaughter (Environment News Service)

In Fighting Illegal Ivory, EU Lags Behind (National Geographic)

Obama says that urgent action is needed to save elephants from going extinct (The Guardian)

[the above is copied from the website as I signed it and want to share the same with everyone. Please sign the petition]

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life is a movement in relationship

“Life is a movement in relationship. There is no escape from that. You may become a hermit, take vows, put on strange garbs and all the rest of it, thinking yourself extraordinary, exceptional, but you are related. To understand relationship is the most important thing in life; not god, not all these scriptures, but to understand the depth, the meaning, the beauty, the quality, of relationship.”

 - J. Krishnamurti

The description of food does not feed you

The description of food does not feed you

Do you understand the problem, sirs? Only the mind that is free can discover what is true, discover, not be told what is true. The description is not the fact. You may describe something in the most lovely language, put it in the most spiritual or lyrical words, but the word is not the fact. When you are hungry, the description of food does not feed you. But most of us are satisfied with the description of truth, and the description, the symbol, has taken the place of the factual. To discover whether there is a reality or not, we must be capable of seeing the true as the true, the false as the false, and not wait to be told like a lot of immature children.

- J Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. X",165,Individual and Society

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

God is stuck in traffic...

And the middle east crisis is heading towards nowhere with all participating parties devising better strategies of maximum destruction of opponents in the name of war against terror.

The more interesting observation to note in Syria and Iraq (Syria especially), is that all participating parties which have joined the war against terror have forgotten the bigger demon ISIS and are fighting against each other in the name of ISIS with Syria as a battle ground.

But it is also to be noted that ISIS has lost the initial steam it came up, with terror as a major threshold in conquering lands with a plan to create a country without boundaries where only those people who follow Islamic law defined by them will live only with themselves while eliminating rest of the humanity of 600+ crores to dogs. A dream which obviously is going to remain like that forever for the poor rich ISIS.

Meanwhile, these butchers of Middle East are having problem doing regular business with its long time allay Turkey due to increased focus and attention on the porus Turkey-Syria border by all watchful parties.

Syrians and Iraqi's are dying and so are Libyans. But more than people, it is the land that matters most to the leaders with burning egos.

ISIS recruits are entering and leaving Syria and Iraq. Turkey is the major opponent of Bashar Al Assad's presence in his Syria. Turkey is an allay of NATO and is protected. Turkey is like a spoilt child, always demanding and demeaning and destroying things at will with no one to question its acts.

If Turkey were to seal its boundaries and support the fight against ISIS in true spirit, this war would have been more decisive by now. As always, personal matters have more priority and Turkey is no exception in exploiting its irresponsible behavior.

Israel is having its way in killing more Palestinians every day in the name of protecting its occupied land. 

Who created the war in the first place? Who is right and who is wrong in the time of crisis which is leaning towards a catastrophe called 'extinction of humans from the face of earth as humans are self destroyers in many instances'... 

and i read the following comment from one of the responses of a reader of an article...

"God has nothing to do with this, he got stuck in traffic at the other end of Universe, 100 billion light years away...

Sums up the whole thing...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Simple yet true - message from former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

What an ideology and thinking....whether party in government or in opposition, should definitely learn from this great politician

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Biology of Belief!

The definition of life will change after watching this video where Dr.Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist presents a fascinating and important information which is true in every sense. The biology of it to find out. I am still thinking after watching this whether what is true, thoughts or the minutest living beings driving life on earth?